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Wireless/Trade Show package

Merchant Accounts LLC offers you the advantage of accepting credit and debit cards from any location with our wireless service package. Wireless card processing is easy to set up, conduct business, and cost effective for taking your business on the road. Perfect for trade shows, conferences, and traveling vendors, you will never need a land line connection to process your sales.

Mobilized Wireless Merchant Service Package

Here are some of the added advantages that our wireless service plan offers customers that take their business on the road.
  • Complete Wireless Mobility Process credit and debit card transactions from any location without the necessity of using a land line, opening up more potential for immediate sales in the field.
  • Saving on Your Business Expenses Our wireless business transaction solutions will save you money on phone line expenses, electricity costs of on site terminals, and added fees on trade show registration costs.
  • 24 Hour Customer Support from any location No matter if you are in the home office or in the vendor booth, Merchant Accounts LLC Customer Support Specialists are ready to assist you.
  • Network Work Processing and Security All of our customers run their transactions on the Merchant Accounts LLC processing network supported by complete fraud protection at fast transaction speeds.
Are you ready to go wireless? Grow your customer base and increase your sales out side of your office, store, and restaurant location. Let Merchant Accounts LLC take you to the next level of wireless credit and debit card transaction processing. Take your successful business on the road today!
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