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Retail and Restaurant Service Package

Merchant Accounts LLC provides restaurants and retail businesses with a variety of different terminal and service solutions for their specific credit and debit card transaction needs. Whether you are the owner of a restaurant chain or road side gift shop, Merchant Accounts LLC offers the best service plans with features tailored to your business and industry that will support all major credit and debit cards.

Benefits with Merchant Accounts LLC Services

There are many advantages our retail and restaurant business owners receive with a service package from Merchant Accounts LLC. All of our service plans offer the same excellent base services with customizable additions available to meet your specific business needs.
  • 24 Hour Customer Support The success of your business depends on the ability to processes transactions any time of the day or night, that is why we offer 24 hour customer support every day of of the week.
  • Online Account Viewing Customers also enjoy having the ability to view their account transactions online from home or the office. It is important to have complete access to your sales and transaction records.
  • 24 Hour Terminal Support Merchant Account LLC service specialists are ready at the help desk any time you have questions or are in need of technical assistance for any of our processing terminal products.
  • Fast and Secure Transactions Our processing platform offers fast transactions so your customers do not have to wait for their bill or transaction approval. Merchant Accounts LLC has the most secured network in the nation.
  • Tips and Bar Tab Additions Customers and Servers alike will enjoy adding the bar tab onto one bill along with tipps which are added after authorization has been made.

How Can I Apply?

Now that you are ready to set up your merchant account with all of these advantages designed to increase and grow your business, simply complete and submit the online application. One of our account specialist will contact you to set up your merchant account service package today. Take your retail or restaurant business to the next level by accepting all major forms of credit and debit cards.
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