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E-Commerce and Internet Merchant Service Package

Merchant Accounts LLC is providing affordable and effective E-Commerce solutions to our customers, helping them succeed and grow their online business. Integrate credit card processing and check payments directly from your web site giving your customers the opportunity to buy or make payments immediately. All of our online transactions are highly secure, using SSL encryption to keep your customers identity and financial information safe from fraud.

The Secure Online Transaction Advantage

The best Internet credit card and check processing services are at your finger tips with an affordable service package from Merchant Accounts LLC. Our service package includes:
  • Credit Card and Automated Check Processing
    Customers can process credit, debit, and checks from any computer from home or the office with a user friendly online format that is user name and password protected.
  • Accepting All Major Credit Cards Customers will enjoy the option of payment by American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and many more credit purchasing options from your web site.
  • Accepting Business and Personal Checks For customers who proffer paying by check, our E-Commerce package includes shopping cart and telephone check payment options.
  • Complete Fraud Protection Minimize the risks of credit card and check fraud with our adjustable protection plans, custom made for your specific business.
  • Online Business Transaction Reports All of your business transactions and sales reports are available any time through our online businesses account management service. Get reports when you need it, instantly and from any location.

Choose the Package the is Best for you

Now you know just a few of the E-Commerce transaction services that are available to you with Merchant Accounts LLC. Apply today and find out more information about all of the merchant account services that are available now to help you increase your Internet sales success.
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